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About Us Zflas

About us is an online site about education that helps the source of thought and discussion on the smartphone. We discussed all smartphone bootloop, Softbrick, Hardbrick and all of the android system damage.

Agreement on us is that we are not responsible for any damage whatsoever which in result by less rigorous smartphone users in selecting materials and manner of smartphones flashing improper.

We took some files dali all reliable sources such as googlo drive, openload, zipyshare, mediafire for storing data and files for our flashing material. No obligation for those users who are less expert to imitate existing tutorials. The risk of damage to its own smartphone can be more severe if there is a mistake in doing or less precise way.

Zflas.com education site

Educational sites are effective in terms of improving the smartphone and mobile phones that were damaged operating system. Can be beneficial for many users is our goal.
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