How to Flash Sony Xperia Stock Rom using FlashTool

I will share flashing xperia firmware .tft file using sony Xperia flashtool .  You can unlock bootloader and flash boot using Flashtool Xperia.

Requirements: Your Xperia device should have 60% battery to perform the flashing process. If not flashing can’t running.


Flash Sony Xperia Stock Rom using FlashTool

Step 1: Download and isntall flashtool on this Computer.

Step 2: Download and extract Sony Xperia driver and extraxt if firmware extentention rar or zip to .tft:

Step 3: Install this driver from folder C:Flashtool/Driver  Run Administrator to start Flashtool.

Step 4: Once Sony Xperia Flashtool is installed, Open it from C:Drive > Flashtool.

Step 5: Once Sony Xperia Flashtool is launched, Klik button Flash on the left. See image :


Step 6: Now, After click on the Flash Button. You can See Flashboot.

Step 7: You will be able to see the Bootmode Chooser menu. Select Flashboot option and click on OK button.


Step 8: Find the downloaded xperia firmware (.ftf) in the flashtool. By clicking on the Load Button.


Step 9: Now, Select the loaded Firmware in your folder.


Step 10: Next, Click on the Flash button to begin the flashing process. Cheklist clear data chace or all setting is recomanded cheklist all for cleaning install.


Step 11: Next, Power off your Xperia Device.

Step 12: Next, Press and Hold Volume Down button and connect the device to the computer using the USB cable.

Step 13: See message device will reboot automatic after succes flashing , iff not you can disconect USB and power on Your device.

Step 14: Stay looking Log Flash and look success text , if you see Red text you have some error and try it.

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